Environmental Policy

We at Frame of Mind take pride in our environmental policy. We wish to promote and help create a more sustainable future for all of us. Our main focus is on plastic pollution and the materials used in our products. Below are a few examples of the steps we've taken to reduce our impact on the Earth.

Most of our deliveries are sent in a recyclable cardboard box & we make an effort to minimize the amount of plastic packaging used when sending an order.

The vast majority of the sunglasses we source are made from polycarbonate, the greater part is recycled material which finds new life in our sunglasses.  

All our metal frames are made from iron tubes with stainless steel hinging. To make these metals shine a special coating is used. This results in no nickel being required in the process. Our glasses will pass any nickel test.

Our GloFX ultimate range is made from PVC to ensure their durability. The frames are very resilient to pressure and if maintained correctly, can last for many years.

Also, here's a little secret... We are currently looking into adding bamboo framed sunglasses & diffraction glasses to our stock. Be on the lookout for them in the near future!